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I joined HubPages in September, 2011. When I first started writing for HubPages, I was lost and had no idea what I was doing. Aside from Microsoft Word, I had no experience with text editors, HTML coding, or online writing. I was also off work for several months, due to a work injury and subsequent surgery. I had too much time on my hands and not enough to do with my time.

When I sat down to write my very first hub, I had so many ideas and different scenarios going through my head. I decided to write about something I felt a great passion for, something that I believe needs serious action, and something I already knew facts about. This resulted in the story Sexual Abuse: Get the Facts.

Since joining HubPages, I have written and published 50 articles, also called “hubs.” The accolades (awards) are nice and are like winning trophies. It always feels good to “win” or move forward with success.

Some of my earlier hubs were a bit cheesy, while others have become very popular, but the experience taught me quite a bit of useful information.

Writing for HubPages has not been a “get rich quick” opportunity. The money I have earned has increased significantly over the last year, and I am looking forward to finally receiving my first payout; however, writing for HubPages has helped me to build an online presence and gain many followers. I love receiving comments from others that tell me, “That was very useful information, thank you!” Not to mention, there is so much information that I have learned.

A few of my hubs (personal experience stories) include:

  • How To Outsmart a Narcissist – this story was written from personal experience after being married to an abusive narcissist and includes the definition of what a narcissist is, as well ways to deal with them.
  • I Gave My Daughter Up for Adoption – 18 years ago, I gave my daughter up for adoption when she was born. I was too young to be raising two children (I already had a baby in diapers). This true story is heartfelt, and when my daughter turned 18 years old, we had an amazing reunion.
  • How to Leave an Abusive Spouse – some women find themselves in abusive relationships, which are not healthy for them or their children. There is only one thing they can do, and that is GET OUT. This hub has useful tips to help an abuse victim gain their independence and identity back.

Also, I included a few of my better research hubs:


2 thoughts on “Hubber at HubPages”

  1. I am so glad to have found a ‘hubber’ that actually talked about getting started with this. I have heard a lot about HubPages and it caught my attention, but then I immediately panicked because I was so unfamiliar with it. Reading this made me feel a little better about it, and I may go check it out for real this time 🙂

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