Writer for Examiner

After completing my first year at HubPages, I happened upon an article written by a fellow hubber, but the article was from the Examiner. After messaging her, she informed me that she had been accepted as a writer. I asked her for a referral link, which she gladly provided. She wouldn’t give me any idea on the compensation, except to tell me she got her first payout after her first month and that she was quite surprised at how much she made.

I applied at the Examiner and had to wait a couple weeks for them to decide if they were going to accept me as a writer. I used my articles at HubPages as my portfolio. I was excited, yet nervous, because I didn’t know if my writing skills were good enough to be accepted. I knew they wanted top-notch writers who had near perfect English grammar. When I received notification that I was accepted, I was surprised. I wrote my first article and waited, because the first one always has to be critiqued by Examiner staff before being approved and published. I didn’t think I would make much money, but I knew there were opportunities at the Examiner that HubPages didn’t offer.

Once I was approved to be a full-fledged writer (meaning I can post my articles right to the site without waiting), I wrote several articles, and within a week, I had already earned what took me 10 months to make at HubPages. I spoke to one other writer who had more experience, and he said that amount I made was really good compared to some of the other writers.

Another really cool thing at the Examiner is the $50 referral bonus you can earn for referring new writers. Anyone can apply at the Examiner, but why apply directly when a referral earns bonuses, because not only does the referring writer earn $50, but if the new writer writes a minimum of three articles a month for two consecutive months, the referring writer will make another $25 bonus, and the new writer will also earn a $25 bonus.

So, if you are an experienced writer and would like to try applying at the Examiner, please do so here. I can guarantee it will be worth your time and effort.

Enough raving about the Examiner. I have money to make…


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