For many of my followers, I’m sure you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. If you are my friend on Facebook, then you know I work and attend college full-time. With all the essays I have to write for school, I don’t have much time left to blog anymore.

But, a story I read on a local news site gave me chills, and I am speaking out in regards to the subject of sex trafficking/human trafficking. This is a disturbing subject, not for the faint of heart. So many young people, especially girls, are lured from their homes and forced to work the streets and prostitute for their traffickers. 

As I have read numerous stories, especially tonight’s story, I am learning that trafficking is not just a worldwide problem. It is also happening in our own back yards. Why is that? I will tell you why. Because thosey people who are nearest to this problem are so willing to jump on their ‘soapbox’ passing judgment to others, usually through online comments about a story. But, the majority of those same people are not willing to go into the trenches to help put a stop to it. 

It’s easy enough to make comments at a new source, but is it as easy for a person to call the cops on the neighbors because of suspicious activities? Of course not, because that would cause strife in the neighborhood. God forbid should someone do something good because they are more worried about themselves getting shot than the little girl who is locked up in that neighbor’s house as a prisoner. 

Take Arial Castro, for instance. For decades, he kept three young women prisoner, barricaded and locked in his home. He beat them, raped them, impregnated them, and them beat them again until they lost their babies. Luckily, one of the girls was allowed to give birth to and keep her baby. Where were all the “do-gooders” then? You mean to tell me in ten year, NOBODY noticed ANY suspicious behavior that should have warranted a call to the police? I CALL BULLSHIT. I’m sure Castro had neighbors that kept to themselves and carried that old-school belief that they should stay out of other people’s business. IT IS PEOPLE THAT LIVE WITH THAT TYPE OF IGNORANCE THAT HELP ALLOW SEXUAL ABUSE TO RUN RAMPANT. I call these people cowards.

As a survivor of years of child sexual abuse, I can only imagine what the victims of trafficking are going through. I can only imagine what kinds of drugs are being fed to them or shot up their veins to get them to cooperate. I can only imagine how many little girls are being raped by pimps and johns, who all deserve to be castrated and their dicks shoved in their mouths while they bleed out. 

In all reality, trafficking does not just involve kidnapping and forcing these children onto the streets. Much of it involves online services, such as escort services or sites where people can view pornography involving children. Some of the victims are working in “massage parlors” or brothels. 

What needs to take place to help make a small dent in a huge problem?

  1. People to fight back. I don’t mean just people who want to make comments on news sites under fictitious names. I mean PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING PERSISTENT AND FEARLESS. People who would be willing to get in the trenches to find some of these victims in person.
  2. People in the shadows to help quickly move a victim from her location to safety.
  3. People who are willing help victims after they have been rescued, whether it be housing, counseling, or a safety shelter. 
  4. Law enforcement, who can make a quick arrest of the “pimp” and pursue criminal charges.
  5. In-depth training to help involved parties truly understand the effects of sexual abuse and how to deal with a victim.
  6. Survivors – other victims who survived abuse with BIG HEARTS that want to make a difference to others.
  7. Support team – people to operate phone lines for victims who need help getting out.

I’m sure some people reading this probably think I’m crazy and want to get shot. But, to be honest, if I am going to lose my life, I would rather it be for a good cause saving someone’s life than of old age, riddled with arthritis and a walker to keep me from falling every time I have to walk. 

Society is not getting any better. It is getting worse. The same people that turn away from this major catastrophe are the same people who should be worrying about their own children. It’s sad that it takes someone losing a child to kick other people’s asses into action of doing something to help the problem. 

These thoughts have been on my mind for awhile. I just don’t know where to start. I’m waiting on an email from the National Human Trafficking Hotline with information on how I and others can get involved. Obviously, this can’t be put together overnight. But, I personally am requesting volunteers who want to get involved. I might be in Michigan now, but this is something that can spread like wildfire if we can find enough people to get involved. 

Feel free to message me with questions or comments. I will update more, as the process moves on.