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So, yes, I’ve pulled a 2-month long disappearing act. Not a total disappearance, mind you…lol. Some of you who read my blog are probably seeing me on Facebook, so those people know I’m still around.

Now that my broken hand has healed, I’m itching to get back to writing again. I have a list of things to blog about that I still need to put together (even when I wasn’t writing, I was still planning what I was going to write).

But, after happening across one of the most ridiculous news titles I have ever seen, I thought it would a good thing to start my “I’M BACK!” moment out right with (is that grammatically correct? Oh, who cares? I’m more concerned with my upcoming statement about Miley Cyrus and her ‘twerking’…lol).


No commando for teachers...

No commando for teachers…

I saw this headline, and many thoughts went through my head:

  1. Why would a teacher not wear underwear when working around children? I understand, as adults, we should be discreet in a career field that involves kids. No see-through clothing, no mini-skirts (ESPECIALLY without panties), no revealing tank-tops, and no low-cut, cleavage showing tops. Women, wear a bra. Common sense.
  2. After considering question #1, then came: What happened in their school district that caused this change in the dress code?
  3. How in the world do they intend to enforce this new policy to make sure teachers aren’t showing up for work ‘commando?’

Aside from wearing underwear, things I listed in #1 also fall into the dress code changes. No flip flops is part of the change…well, that’s smart. I mean, we can’t wear flip flops to work in a factory, usually steel-toed shoes are required. Well, with all the kids running and stomping down the hallways, teachers should be donning those reinforced toes, too!

I’m not going to go into a long speech about this stupid article. I’m still stuck on question #3 and will go to bed still laughing about that and wondering:

Are they going to start strip-searching teachers??