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Where have I been lately? That question is easy to answer…I’ve been taking it easy and healing. I am a terrible klutz. In the last several months, I’ve been dealing with my back pain, but I have also:

  • Fell and smacked my knee on the concrete, now have a cyst under my kneecap causing patella tracking disorder
  • Slipped on the ice on neighbors steps, fell flat on my back, took 4 boards across by back between neck and but (my entire left cheek turned black and blue…I have pictures to prove it, but I’m not going to…so, you can take a breath…haha!)
  • Pulled on a dead log, and it snapped, breaking the index finger of right hand and laceration of knuckle that bled for a week
  • Assaulted by ex-roommate when I told him he couldn’t stay with me anymore, hit my head on brick wall, causing a concussion, broke my middle finger, and sprained my wrist (again, the right hand)
  • Day after the assault, I fell on concrete again, and landed on my (again) right hand, and smashed it, causing multiple fractures
  • Broke up a dog fight a few weeks after the 2nd fall (which happened a week ago), and trip to emergency room AGAIN for x-rays (also, the right hand/wrist). No breaks that time, thank God!! Just a small laceration and puncture wound from Blackjack’s teeth, some soft tissue damage, and lots of swelling

So, needless to say, I’ve been busy kicking my own butt. And, that’s just my physical injuries…there are still so many other things to do, that I don’t have enough time for. Yeah, I dug the garden plot and planted an herb garden and other plants. Something ate some of my plants…sigh. And, I honestly just don’t feel like dealing with it this year again. It’s hard to do things when your dominate hand is out of commission and you can barely move it, especially to type.

There’s still the ‘dog rescue’ at my house, where there are currently six dogs. Legally, I’m not supposed to have three, so I risk getting tickets and have to keep a regimented schedule for my dogs, so as not to anger my neighbors with barking dogs or give them a reason to be nosy and call animal control.

I’m bumming big time about my computer, though. It had so much information on it. I’m glad, though, that I had a backup plan, so I still have a computer. I just have to start all over again (hours of scanning, too). Good thing I have some time on my hands!

Anyhow, I expect to be writing a lot more now and will be updating my blog more frequently. I’m glad for the downtime I’ve had, because it’s been an opportunity to play around with my digital camera, a Canon SX160 IS, that I bought six months ago. I want to take my own pictures for my blog and other stuff. I actually had a heck of a time trying to get a picture of the Supermoon.

Supermoon 2013

Supermoon 2013


I’ve been inspired by a new photographer that really has talented skills and has been getting quite a bit of business. Rachel is from Battle Creek, Michigan, like me, and is the owner of Facebook page RSPE Photography “Eaton” Up Life’s Precious Moments. Rachel has been a loyal follower of my soapbox and is a sweet gal. And, I absolutely love her pictures and am guilty of trolling from time to time.

And, of course, we can’t forget Cyndi, she has been my other inspiration for photography and Sharpie art. Cyndi, owner of Pictimilitude, and she takes gorgeous pictures, as well.

Time to go write some articles for the Examiner