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Lost in a tornado of chaos

Lost in a tornado of chaos

This last month has been busy crazy, and I have been in stimuli overload. It’s been the type of month where I have had to basically narrow my to-do list down to the nitty-gritty and only work on certain tasks. Because of this, my nerves are frazzled, my brain is scrambled, and GUESS WHAT HAS TAKEN THE HIT BECAUSE OF IT? Yup, my writing.

I guess it doesn’t help that there have been a couple unexpected recent projects, two falls within a month (both resulting in x-rays and lots of pain, swelling, and bruising), college, and then the real kicker…BOOM! AEP/PATH Program…yeah, let’s just say they have been loads of fun. I keep having dreams about hot tubs…sigh.

Let’s put it this way, I thought I’d go the route I thought was easy…draw public assistance for three to four months, just enough time to finish my last few classes in college and graduate. I mean, I have all these medical issues and a neurosurgeon who told me, “No manual labor.” So, why am I being forced to attend classes that *ahem* I have recent college credits in. Why am I sitting in resume building classes when *ahem* I already have a resume…THREE OF THEM ACTUALLY. Oh, and cover letter templates to call upon whenever it is needed.

I’m sitting down there, listening to this mumble jumble when I could be 1) writing and earning a little money 2) writing and earning a little money and job hunting 3) writing and earning a little money, job hunting, and interviewing, and 4) oh, wait, I’m supposed to be keeping up with classes, too (which can’t be used for compliance hours at PATH). Oh, and let’s not forget about The Teenager and Keegan…whew. Life is tough. I am so glad I don’t have a house payment or rent to deal with right now. Makes it much easier as I wade through this process.

Sorry, got off track there…oh yeah, the real kicker is this: job hunting without a car. I have to give the PATH program some credit. They did help by giving me bus passes and referrals for business clothes, which was very helpful. But, 40 hours a week of job hunting on snow, ice, rain, and cold is difficult with a ruptured disk and ongoing medical procedures. And, there are only so many sit-down jobs available in Battle Creek right now…do the math. I am grateful that half of my job searches can be done online.

And, just as I am winning two consecutive blogger awards, too. The timing just stinks. Life is so stressful, I’m honestly surprised my hair does not have the frizzy appearance of someone who has been electrocuted, cartoon style. This is EXACTLY how I feel:

I will be back later to tell you about how the job search has been going. There have been some crazy and amazing things happen in THAT department.

I’m feeling pretty down sometimes, I think it’s time to come back and write a gratitude list. I haven’t done one of those in a long time…

Toodles for now…gotta take a shower and catch that public bus downtown for an interview before my scheduled mammogram at 3:45…yeehah!

(Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you? The doctor found ‘something’ that has required a mammogram. I’ve decided not to even process that information UNTIL I get my mammogram results back.)

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