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I was recently contact by a woman named Kendra Thornton, and she had found my blog somewhere and asked if she could write a guest post for my soapbox. I agreed. Kendra is known for her traveling and has visited many continents and even more countries.

Kendra enjoys writing about her travels and family-friendly vacation hot spots, as well as authentic cuisine. She has been featured on major news medias such as FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and CW Network. Welcome, Kendra!

Red Faded to Black

After the Oscar’s last weekend, I don’t know about you, but I have that celebrity fever right now! Amongst all my travels throughout the world I have found that one of the most magnetic locations to attract celebs seems to be Miami. With Spring break right around the corner I wanted to fill you in on where to possibly catch these stars soaking up the sun!

Miami is one of the hottest vacation spots in the world.  Millions of people flock here to bask in its lifestyle.  Every time you turn left, you’ll find yourself bathed in clubs, music, beaches, brilliant weather and great sites!  Is it any wonder that, like the rest of us, Miami is a must-stop destination for celebs?

If you’re planning to hit Magic City, keep the sun out of your eyes with a decent pair of shades or you might miss the fact that you’re standing a few feet from a hot celeb lounging on sandy surf or grabbing a bite.  If you decide to make a tour of spotting celebs, here are five spots that’ll up the ante.

The Soho Beach House in Miami

The Soho Beach House in Miami

1. The Soho Beach House: For 20 years, Soho has catered to an exclusive clientele of individuals in the media, film and creative industries.  They operate a series of private hotels, spas, and cinemas, drawing in the likes of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  Their restaurants are open to the public, enhancing the possibility of spotting a Soho celeb guest.

2. The South Beach Hotel: Located in the heart of Miami’s Art Deco District, amonst some of the top hotels in Miami, has seen the likes of George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes relaxing in the swanky Wall Lounge or grabbing a meal at neighboring eatery, Mr. Chow, where the stunning décor is centered by a Swarovski crystal chandelier and a 124 foot gold leaf.

3. South Beach: It’s said the best way to spot celebs in Miami is to take a walk.  South Beach is a celeb hub, perfect for the activity.  Not a week passes where there won’t be a celeb seen or there’s a photo shoot.  The area also boasts exemplary dining, shopping and Art Deco hotels, drawing in the likes of Shaq, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and various Kardashians.

The Delano Hotel in Miami

The Delano Hotel in Miami

4. The Delano Hotel: The Delano is a first class urban resort.  Fully self-contained, it offers relaxation with amenities like the Orchard, an almost surreal outdoor pool that feels like a daydream with its giant chessboard, antique daybed and lush lawn.  Madonna and J-Lo, among others, have been seen enjoying the accommodations.

5. Mercadito: Located in midtown Miami, the relatively new Mercadito has fast become one of the hottest celeb stomping grounds.  Recurring celebs include Jessica Simpson, Shakira, Mariah Carey, Ludacris, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.  Enjoy some of the best authentic Mexican food and wash it down with cerveza or tequila.

Red Faded to Black

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