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I have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Beautiful Blogger Award

This is the second award I have received in the last few weeks, and I’m very grateful to the one who nominated me from:


My 15 Nominations:

  1. A Pleasant House 
  2. Girl to Mom
  3. Flibbertigibbet Scribbles
  4. Dried on Milk
  5. Kerry Kosky’s Life
  6. Pictimilitude
  7. The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan
  8. Sweet-Heart.net
  9. Laugh Lines
  10. Getting Liter
  11. Abracadabra
  12. No Holding Back
  13. Discovering Simply Me
  14. Sky Mommy

I’m supposed to list 15 nominees, but my time constraints are keeping me from getting this out, so I am settling for 14. Life is busy and chaotic, which I will go into more in my next post.

7 Random Things about Me:

  1. I was 12 years old when I started playing piano at weddings.
  2. I have NEVER been on an airplane.
  3. My dream career was to be a registered nurse and deliver babies.
  4. Someday, I want to own a log cabin.
  5. I’m a country girl at heart who loves the convenience of city living.
  6. I love riding horses.
  7. I spent 25 days in the county jail once…that was no fun.

Don’t forget to leave a message for the people you nominate, somewhere in their comments field.

Now, I’m off to ‘call’ 14 people and let them know how beautiful their blogs are!!

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