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Michigan winters just plain suck, especially in recent years. When I was a kid, we had some hard winters and snow that lasted forever.

Now, we are lucky to have snow at Christmas. We have started to sing, “I’m dreaming of a green Christmas…” (I can live without the snow, personally).

Why the rant about the weather? Yesterday, I was enjoying the day without a winter coat, as it was unseasonably warm. Most of the snow had melted and turned my driveway and back yard into an award-winning mud pit. I even near-ruined a pair of tennis shoes in that mud (let’s see if the washing machine will finish them off). Oh, let’s not forget the water in the basement…I guess it’s the mice’s fault. They must have chewed through the foundation and died off from cement poisoning, because I haven’t been seeing many of those irritating rodents lately.

Today was a totally different story, though. It was so cold today, I’m surprised I didn’t catch frostbite while I was out running my errands (ok, while I was out WALKING my errands since I don’t currently own a car). It was so windy that the snow was literally blowing sideways, parallel to the ground.

I should quit bitching and be thankful I don’t live in Connecticut near Julie Deneen. She has had worse luck this winter than I have.

But, there is one thing nice about this nasty, cold weather…it makes for some awesome pictures!

Michigan winters suck!

Michigan winters suck!

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