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I knew it. I knew I should not have bought a house where I did. I have had more problems dealing with the police since I have been there than I ever have in my life. I swear, the dumb things people call the police for!

I know, I know, you are probably wondering, “What did Jennifer do this time?” Well, this time it wasn’t my fault. It was The Teenager’s fault. Kind of.

Before I tell you what happened, let me go back to where it all started…

…Last night, I paid my neighbors a visit. Their granddaughter was there, as well as one of her friends. While I was visiting, the kids were climbing and jumping all over me, throwing objects and basically trying to start an all-out war.

After I went home, the girls kept running to my house and throwing snowballs at my windows, and then they would run and hide behind a tree. I was finally able to get them to stop, until this morning.

I hadn’t been awake a half hour when I heard it…*THUD*! Another snowball hit my window. The dogs went nuts and started running around, running into things, and barking their heads off. I tried to ignore them for awhile, but they were relentless. They finally went away for awhile, but came back again…*THUD*!

My roommate, The Teenager, and I (Keegan was at his grandparents’ house for the weekend) sneaked out the backdoor with the biggest bowls and pots I could find. I had been outside earlier and knew we had some really good packing snow.

The Teenager

The Teenager with a snowball

We hid behind bushes, making as many snowballs as we could in a speedy fashion.  We came out of hiding and attacked, hurling every snowball we had just made at the girls.

We were laughing and having fun and continued to make snowballs, chasing each other up and down the street, and throwing them at whoever was closest. Along with the loud laughter, there was a lot of screaming going on, too…

…which is why we didn’t hear the car coming. My roommate and one of the girls made their way across the street, and The Teenager turned and threw a snowball just as a car was driving by and hit this guy’s car window. He slammed on his brakes and got out of his car, yelling and screaming at us.

I tried to apologize to the man and explained it was an accident. We didn’t do any damage to his car, but he continued to yell at us anyway, telling us he was calling the cops. We were like, “Whatever!” because there was no reasoning with this jackass. He contacted the Battle Creek City Police and told them The Teenager looked right at him and meant to hit him with the snowball, which was not true. The Teenager knows better than to do something like that in front of me.

So, we resumed our snowball fight back and forth across the street, despite the fact that the man was standing next to his car, in between us all, where he had parked it in the middle of the road while he called the police.

Snowballs were flying back and forth around him. My roommate (who was being sarcastic now because he was mad) said to the man, “Sir, would you mind moving your car out of the way before we accidentally hit your car again?”

The man got off his phone and said to me, “Do you want to give me your name? Or would you like to deal with the cops?”

I replied, “No, I’m not giving you my name. Send the police here, I don’t care. We didn’t do anything wrong. It was an ACCIDENT, and there is no damage to your car, so I don’t understand why you’re being such a jerk about it. Now, kindly move your car so we can keep playing. I’m tired of the way you’re yelling at us in front of these little kids.”

Needless to say, the police arrived, and they weren’t amused either. The cop told me we were lucky there was no damage to the car, because he would have had to press criminal charges on The Teenager. I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t do any damage, huh?

Word to the wise…look before you throw a snowball. You never know what kind of whiner you might come across…

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