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I went out for a walk a few days ago and was almost home when I found some really neat ‘footprints’ in the snow. The birds had been walking around, leaving their imprints in the snow.

So, I got my trusty Android out and started snapping pictures of the prints I saw int the snow. I know, I know, I need a good camera. That day is coming very soon.


Christmas attitude in his bear hat

Anyway, I thought what I was looking at was so interesting, I just had to take a picture. I am sure the neighbors were wondering who the hell the crazy lady was, standing in front of their house while taking multiple pictures of the sidewalk, in a crazy bear hat. Oh yeah, here’s a picture of a bear hat. My ‘adopted’ son has one just like it, except mine is black, gray, and white. The cool thing about these hats are the places you can stick your hands, like mittens with no thumb. My hat actually has bear paws.

OK, back to the pictures I took outside. I’m a nature buff, so living in the city is an unfortunate thing. I miss the woods, hiking, going mushroom hunting, and many other aspects about the country.

Back to the animal party…

From the looks of the pictures, the birds weren’t the only animals at this party. Thumper arrived, as well. I think it was Thumper, anyway. Judging from one of the  pictures, Thumper was thumping his back foot, as well.

I know, I know. Crazy woman in bear hat is taking dumb pictures. But, I can’t help it. Living in the city, I don’t get to see certain aspects of nature anymore.