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OMG…SMH…I am madder than a midget with a yo-yo. I tried to say a silent prayer that God would plant some true wisdom in this quack’s head. I really want to just crawl into my computer and bitch slap this woman, just one time, but I’m supposed to respect my elders. And, well, she is old. I think she should have retired ten years ago. We will call her JF.

What am I complaining about, you ask? That stinking Michael Terpening case. A man from within my community who ran an animal rescue and a residential treatment facility through the foster care system. The facility took in ‘hard to place’ teenage boys. He also adopted five children. Those children belonged to my friend, Amy, who lost her parental rights to her kids.

So, when I saw his picture on the news a year and a half ago I sat down hard in a chair, with my mouth hanging open. He had been charged with sexually abusing the boys in the treatment facility. Of course, I found the story on the internet and shared it on my wall with a comment like, “Why does the state take away kids from ‘less than’ families and place them into the hands of child molesters. What the hell is wrong with this state?”

I received a message from a friend who said she had known Terpening for years and said, “There’s no way he committed those crimes. Would you please take your comment off?” So, I tracked the case.

Right before I bought my house, I had to stay with a “friend’ for a few months, and I rented a couple bedrooms there. This friend was my ex-husband, who I tried to stay friends with since our divorce. He wanted more from me than I was willing to give him while I was staying there, so I was always looking for something to do to get out of the house. My exes property line backed up to Terpening’s property and Earth Services.

Then, I saw one of the victims on TV saying he lied about the allegations to get out of the facility.

When I saw the recant on the news, I went to Earth Services, just to basically offer to help muck horse stalls or babysit for Terpening’s wife. I had no intention of getting involved in the case, but they sucked me in. This was when my ‘writing career’ actually started. And, as much as I’d love to tell you what all went down, I have already told my side of the story, both in court and in my other blog. Click here to read my story. It’s raw and revealing.

During the four months I supported Terpening, I got close to the recanting victim. He moved in with me, and during that time, I found out the recant was bullshit. He had his reasons for recanting, but I was there for him, irregardless.

Upon learning the news from the victim, a subsequent phone call to state investigators caused another arrest with a $750,000 for bond violations. Needless to say, I have dealt with enough backlash that I nearly begged the assistant attorney general to put me into witness protection. I immediately became a prosecution witness (I had been involved daily with these people and had crucial information I didn’t even know I had).

There were and are many supporters in this case, one in particular: the woman I am pissed at. She is a ‘child advocate’ that goes after CPS for illegally taking kids from their families. We have talked and met a few times. And, while there is corruption in the system, that is not the reason Terpening is sitting in prison. She works around legal representatives of the state and is so against CPS corruption, that all cases are corruption in her eyes.

After the sentencing took place (sentenced 10 to 15 years after the judge departed from sentencing guidelines of 4 to 7 years), I messaged JF from Facebook from my pseudo name, Roxanne (she had my main account blocked). I need to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Your friend has been found guilty and has been sentenced 10 to 15 years for molesting those kids…still fighting for him?

I finally received a response tonight. She says,

Roxanne, have you ever heard of false allegations? …I’d love to have coffee with you. Many are not aware this (CPS corruption) is happening. Thanks for the response.

False allegations? Lady, sometimes, people are just plain guilty. As an advocate, our job is to protect the victims and support them. It is not our job to judge if they are telling the truth.  DNA evidence revealed in the case proved it. An employee’s laziness in following Terpening’s instructions to ‘clean these places with bleach’ resulted in the DNA being found.

JF helped the suspect tamper with the victims and some witnesses. Her name is in the transcripts. Is that what a child advocate does? Her backwards view of the legal system has her so completely biased, that in reality, she is really advocating for Terpening’s children to stay in his pedophile playground, where they will remain until family court while she supports a child molester. Thank goodness he is in prison and can’t be around them now.

When I turned on Terpening, I created an alternate Facebook account, just to track what his supporters were saying. They love to get on the internet and slander witnesses and the victims. I’ve learned that I am a prostitute, I live in a crack house, that I lost all my kids to the state except one, and on and on it went. I have spent plenty of time taking screen shots of things for civil court. Unfortunately, I have had to break Facebook rules by creating Roxanne, aka Roxy…sshhh, don’t tell anyone.

Apparently, JF has no clue who Roxanne really is. Most of the Terpening supporters do. I have accepted her offer for coffee. Coffee + the look on JF’s face when she finds out who Roxanne really is = PRICELESS. Hopefully, she will let me audio record. I should pull a ‘Mike Wallace’ on her.

I will stop there. I could (and have) spent hours talking about this stinking case. He still faces two 1st degree CSC charges, which tentatively goes to trial in May. He won’t be out of prison for a long time. Thank God, that’s one less danger in the community.

Interested in more information? Legal documents in this case are available here.  I wish JF would take the time to read the information.

(I also have received my advocacy training at Calhoun County Sexual Assault Services and am qualified to work as a volunteer through our local hospital to assist sexual abuse victims when they come forward for help. I want to use my education to teach kids about this horrible abuse. Better to educate and prevent than to clean up a mess later.)

Also, a shout out to Daven, who let me know my post was not complete. I don’t know what happened, because WordPress is supposed to save it frequently. Why I lost half my post when I hit publish is beyond me, but here you go, in full.

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