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Shaving versus waxing…which is better?

Advertisements for waxing suggest that a ‘waxee’ can skip shaving for four to six weeks. Seriously? NO SHAVING for up to six weeks? For someone like me, who hates body hair (except on my head and arms), this sounds like a dream come true.

Is waxing all that it’s cracked up to be? I hear women talking about it, and they swear by waxing. And, I’ve heard other women talking about how they tried it once and hated it, with one woman elaborating on her experience,

I don’t mean one complete waxing. I mean, one strip, and I was DONE!

I’ll be honest, ladies, I have never waxed anything on my body. I’ve wanted to try it, just for the reprieve from shaving.

And then, I remember The Thing I talked my mom into buying me when I was a teenager that promised six weeks of no shaving…the Epilady. I was so excited about it and harassed her until she finally gave in and bought me one for my birthday. The commercials made it look sooo easy, and the woman shaving with it was smiling as she used it.

The Epilady

The Epilady

I pulled out the instructions to the Epilady and started reading. The first thing that made me unhappy was that they recommend growing out the leg hairs to a minimum of a 1/4 inch, so that the Epilady would be able to ‘grab’ the hair. This did not sit well for me because my birthday is in July. This means a week of no shorts until I could use my new present.

A week of hell is what that was. Michigan summers are very humid a good deal of the time, so it’s much easier to be a hot, sweaty mess than it is for people in Phoenix (dry heat).

I finally sat down to try my new toy. One thing I noticed was this coiled spring that rotated in circles, meant to grab the hairs and rip them out at the follicle. Talk about PAIN! Not to mention, it took me a few hours to get most of the hair off my legs, and my legs had these sightly red bumps all over them. I felt like someone took a blowtorch to my legs on high.

Needless to say, I only used it a couple times and threw it in a drawer. Four years later, a friend of mine tore it apart and turned it into a tattoo gun to do my second tattoo.

So, now, you know why I have a real fear of waxing.

Is waxing worth it? Here are some pros and cons of waxing


  • Waxing offers up to six weeks of NO SHAVING.
  • It is inexpensive and can be done at home.
  • Waxing removes large areas of hair.
  • There’s no razor burn afterwards.
  • With longtime use, hair could grow back softer, and hair growth could lessen.


  • Waxing can be painful.
  • When you first start waxing, the ‘hair-free for up to six weeks’ will probably not happen. Little hairs will grow back within a couple weeks.
  • For best results, hair must be at least a 1/4-inch long.
  • Hair follicle could become damaged.
  • Hair grows in different directions, making it tricky to get all of them out.

Needless to say, none of this sounds even slightly appealing to me. As it stands, I can shave what I shave in about ten minutes, which isn’t time-consuming.

So, I guess you’re wondering what prompted me into discussing this topic. I know I am, because it was an impulsive idea after racking my migraine-inflicted brain for something to blog about today.

But, I happened upon this video and laughed so hard, I decided to turn it into a post. Enjoy it, as Sherri Shephard from ‘The View’ receives her first-ever waxing. Oh yeah, her producers were so kind as to not tell her they ordered a Brazilian wax for her, as well. I assume it’s so she would actually go through with the procedure.