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I just learned what a bloghop was (and, no, it has nothing to do with silly wabbits). What a crafty way to increase traffic and maybe even make a few new friends.

This bloghop, Finish the Sentence Friday, is brought to you by Janine from Janine’s Finish the Sentence FridayConfessions of a Mommyaholic and Kate from Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine with My Morning Quiet Time? Each week, a partial sentence will be provided, and participants will finish the sentence and write a post.

This week’s sentence is:

“I went to the grocery store the other day, and…”

So, here goes…

I went to the grocery store the other day, and I was armed and ready to do my monthly grocery shopping. Since selling my car, I have to shop for everything on a monthly basis (been off work for a year and a half healing from a work injury, a subsequent shoulder surgery, and let’s not forget my wonderful ruptured disc in my back). I stock up on all my supplies for the month, and once a week, I send my The Teenager and Keegan to get things when we run out, food items that are used quickly, such as milk, bread, and eggs. So, The Teenager, Keegan, and I hopped on a city bus and headed to the grocery store. On my way there, I called my ‘foster mom’ and reminded her I would need a ride home with our stash of goodies.

I am not usually a ‘list’ person, but with the holidays right around the corner, I had a list prepared for the extras we would need for sides and desserts.

So, it was no surprise that I forgot my list at the house. Grr…figures.

We arrived at Meijers, grabbed a cart and headed to the meat department. Since I am not supposed to be handling a lot of weight, I rely on The Teenager to push the cart, once it becomes to painful for me to push it. Not this time…The Teenager wanted to do his own thing. Having Keegan around him a lot the time, he likes his time to himself, as well, to be a teenager.

The Teenager: Mom, may I go to electronics and look at games and stuff?

Jennifer: I’m ok with that, but don’t be gone too long. I will need your help in awhile to push this cart.

The Teenager

The Teenager

The Teenager: Sweet, thanks Mom!

…and off he goes…

Keegan: Mom, can I go with him?

Jennifer: MAY I go with him…and no, you may not.

Keegan: But, that’s not fair! How come he gets to go look at games, and I don’t?

Jennifer: Because, you are too young to be on your own in here, and you and your brother will fight.

After a moment of arguing with him about it, Keegan decided to do what he does best: let his attitude rule. As I headed off to the meat department, he decided to lag behind with his arms crossed, head dropped, and his bottom lip sticking out. And, when I say lag behind, I mean L-A-A-A-G-G-G-G-G behind. (This is better than him throwing himself on the floor and pounding his head onto the tile, like he used to do when he was 2 and was told NO.)

We made it through the meat department, FINALLY, and continued on through the store, filling up the cart with needed items as went along. If Keegan was in front of me, I had to tell him to move behind me (he’s purposely slowing me down, now). Already, my cart was starting to get heavy (that damned Christmas ham and Butterball turkey). Where is The Teenager when I need him?

Eventually, I made my way to the cereal aisle (Keegan loves breakfast foods: cereal, Pop Tarts, and such). I managed to pull him out of his bad mood by telling him he could help pick out some of the cereal (it’s always the same, but he loves to have a say, anyways). He wanted Pop-Tarts, since there was a good sale on them. That really cheered him up, especially when I let him choose two boxes. We only buy those special treats when they are on sale.

Keegan was an even happier camper when I allowed him to pick out cookies, chips, and pre-made pies.

For the record, we don’t eat a lot of processed foods. We cook fresh veggies, make homemade waffles and hash browns, and prepare meals like homemade potato soup instead of Hamburger Helper. Pop-Tarts are snacks, not meals, in our home.

But, I believe holidays are the time to eat, be merry, and enjoy those around you. I believe we are to be hospitable and provide a little of this and a little of that, so everyone has something to enjoy (seriously, can you imagine going to a vegetarian Christmas celebration if you are a meat and potatoes type of person?). I want fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, with melted goo dripping on my fingers. I want pumpkin pie with a huge blob of Cool-Whip on top. I didn’t care if I gained 10 pounds, I had the New Year to deal with it.

And, I had our own family Christmas, the big family Christmas party, and New Year’s to buy food for. We needed lots of extra food…

Now that I had Keegan moving a little faster, I navigate my way through the store, quickly filling up my cart. Damn, the cart was getting heavy. Where was The Teenager? How long did he need to look at video games?

We headed down the soda aisle to pick up a few cases of pop. Even though I don’t drink much pop, friends and family members would prefer it, so I splurged and filled the bottom of my cart. Damn, now the cart was really heavy. Where the hell was The Teenager? He’s supposed to be pushing this cart now! (I’m secretly praying he’s not sitting in a room with security for deciding to steal something, not that he ever has before, but I’m not stupid. I expect the worst, sometimes, because I know ANYTHING is possible.) I still needed to grab six gallons of milk. And, I knew, at this point I was going to need a second cart.

I threw my entire body weight against the cart and headed to the dairy section. The Teenager FINALLY joined back up with us (of course, when I’m at the end of my shopping excursion), and I relinquished the cart to him.

The Teenager: Mom, can I go pick out some snacks and stuff?

Jennifer: MAY I go pick out some snacks and stuff? No, you may not. You left me to push this heavy cart around by myself and totally disappeared. I’m hurting and do not want to go back through the store.

The Teenager: But, Keegan got to pick out stuff!

Jennifer: That’s the benefit for being the one who has to stay with me in the store. Next time, don’t run off, and you will be able to help pick out food items. Go grab another cart, because we are going to need it after the cashier bags this stuff.

The Teenager: LOUD SIGH *mumble, mumble* – It’s not fair that Keegan gets to pick out the good stuff, and I don’t, and you won’t even let me go pick something out really quick…I know he probably didn’t pick out anything I like…blah blah blah.

Jennifer: John, enough. Get over it. I let you go look at video games on the word that you were going to come back and push this heavy-ass cart. You did not do that. And, I really needed your help today. Sorry about your luck.

The Teenager: Yeah, well if you would just get me a cellphone, like I’ve been asking for, then you could have called me, and I’d have come back.

I’m thinking…Huh? Seriously? What the heck did The Teenager think we did when we were that age? When I was a kid, my mom had us paged over the store’s intercom system if we didn’t come back in time, and if that happened, we were in for an ass-whoopin’ when we got home. The Voice of Death, “Jennifer Beznoska (haha! yes, I’m Polish!), please meet your mother at the front of the store.” I’m already remembering how my heart would drop, as I would mentally calculate how many clean pairs of underwear I had in my dresser and whether or not I had enough time to get them all on and my pants back on before she barged in, wielding The Monster Ass-Whooper. I knew if she caught me putting on the extra panties, I’d get whooped even harder!

Luckily, Keegan knows what The Teenager likes and was sure to pick out a few of his favorites. And thankfully, this shopping trip was not as chaotic as some have been in the past, and I was able to get out of the store without any major incidences, temper tantrums (when Keegan was younger, I would leave him in the aisle to have his tantrums alone), or injuries.

We headed outside and located my ‘foster mom’ in the parking lot, as she was waiting to give us a ride home. She popped the trunk to her KIA, and crap…there was her carpet cleaner, lying sideways in the trunk. The Teenager and Keegan had to ride home holding groceries as I piled the bags on top of them…

…stayed tuned for next week’s sentence:

“One of the most embarrassing things I ever did was…”

I have an entire week to plot my answer to this question, and believe me, it will be brutally honest and probably a bit shameful…see ya next Friday!! 🙂