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2013-happy-new-yearI was feeling really bad. The end of the year was here, and I had so many things I wanted to write about. And, this problem with my computer was driving me nuts.

First of all, my computer was dragging, I don’t just mean slow. It was a grandpa driving on the way to church on Sunday type of slow. My Google Chrome (I love Chrome) was freezing up, and before I knew it, the SHADOW LINK appeared (let’s call it that, shall we?).

Let me explain the SHADOW LINK. It all started in Facebook…and it grew from there.

I guess I first noticed it when I shared one of my posts. After it was posted, there was a link that said ‘youtube to mp3’ below my blog name.

I went back to my dashboard and tried to edit my previous posts by deleting the link everywhere I could find it, basically in dialogue boxes. Anywhere I could leave a description, in the settings, in the tags, everywhere. I did various scans using different software, I uninstalled unneeded programs. I got rid of certain toolbars. I don’t know. I felt like a hamster in a wheel, and I just wasn’t coming at it from the right angle.

This stinking link, nestled in an anchor link from html coding .

Then, this morning, I tried to write an article at the Examiner. There it was, at the top of my text editor. What the heck!!!

I went on Facebook and changed my status, explaining what was going on, and that I needed help. Within a few minutes, I got a group chat invite and was introduced to a guy named Chris. He walked me through some riff-raff by remote access. Holy cow…this guy was in my computer while I was watching! It was pretty cool.

Within a half hour, he had an answer for me and told me what to do, once he was done looking through everything.

I uninstalled Google Chrome and re-installed it, and lo and behold, the problem has disappeared. I am one happy camper!!

I am so grateful that it wasn’t something more serious than what it actually turned, but I was freaking out, nonetheless.

I am back on track and ready to tackle 2013! And, I sure do hope that this experience is a sign of more good things to come. What a great way to start the new year!