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I have my fingers crossed, and my jaw is clenched. I have a tension headache and am praying it doesn’t turn into a migraine.

My computer has been difficult lately. It has been running extremely slow at times. Sometimes, I cannot access what I am trying to click on. Eventually, it will open, but it is slow. In my comment boxes here at WordPress, at Facebook, and other places, there was a link that said ‘youtube to mp3’, and it kept popping up all over. It was part of an anchor link, but I had no idea where it came from. When I would write a new post, there would be the same thing in the tags, as well. When I would post it on Facebook, I’d see the same words, ‘youtube to mp3’ anywhere from one to three times.

I ran a scan for viruses, and the report came back that the computer was clean.

Grr…my computer expertise does not cover malware, spyware, or any of several terms I’ve heard over the last 36 hours. And, I definitely do not have the money to pay the Geek Squad to fix my stuff.

I don’t know if this was anything like what was happening with this annoying link, but I wondered what would happen to a reader who saw that and clicked on it (luckily, I didn’t)? I’ve heard of people receiving emails with a link that takes the user to a page that looks like the real thing, but instead, it’s a fabricated landing page created to trick the user, who then will register and give their personal information, and then BAM! Someone’s identity is stolen.

I researched a couple terms and learned about:

  • Malware – software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems
  • Spyware – software that self-installs on a computer, enabling information to be gathered covertly about a person’s internet use, passwords, etc.

These definitions popped up on the Google search but were not linked to a specific site.

I learned that my virus protection was not enough, and that I needed some type of extra protection more geared towards malware and spyware. I downloaded a few different programs. I ran a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials, and that report came back clean. I then ran two more scans, on two more malware / spyware programs I downloaded.

Long story short, I had quite a few threats. The software showed me what to do, so I am hoping this problem is gone.

I was able to copy my last two post and delete the original post, just to see if the link is still popping up. So far, everything appears to be working, so now, I’m trying a new post.

My fingers are still crossed, and my jaw is still clenched…


Well, I woke up a few hours earlier than everyone else this morning, in just enough time to find out my computer had another problem. It would not load Windows when I turned it on. All I saw was a black screen.

I did some work on the computer in Safe Mode, as well as a system recovery.

So far, so good…and, in enough time to cook everyone breakfast.