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Every year, the city I live in (Battle Creek) hosts the International Festival of Lights in their downtown area. I usually try to go see them at least once every year.

This year, I had every intention of strolling and looking at light displays but went earlier to take pictures. I thought it would be cool to get some pictures for an article at the Examiner. I did some more research online to see what was on the calendar of events for the Festival of Lights, and I’m glad I did. There will be a bunch of kid-friendly activities to participate in downtown over the week or so. A schedule is provided here.

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Let’s not forget about the lighted rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas, a popular song to many people during the Christmas season. Even though some lighted displays may changed from year to year, the popular 12 Days of Christmas display is a yearly tradition at the Battle Creek International Festival of Lights.

And, as much as I would love to provide another slideshow detailing the 12 Days of Christmas, I will refrain from doing so. Battle Creek would love for you to come and see the lighted displays for yourself.

Happy holidays to all!