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Sometimes, I will be checking news reports for Southwest Michigan, and there might not be much to write about…lottery winners…celebrity news…the babies born on 12/12/12/…the list goes on. And, because I am a Grand Rapids Domestic Violence and Abuse Examiner, those headlines don’t really fit in. It’s frustrating because when I’m in a good mood to write, and I search the local news, I find nothing.

Then, I have have been busy this week, which has limited the amount of writing I have done.  Much of this weekend will be spent ‘catching up.’ Michael Terpening’s was sentenced was this week, and I attended the sentencing at the request one of his victims, who I have sort of ‘adopted’ into my life. I also had a job interview at a college in town. They need someone to work in the testing center. Then, today, my Facebook feed has been a zoo. The school shooting that took place in Connecticut happened today. It’s very sad…20 children and 7 adults are dead, including the gunman.

There is no break for the emotional turmoil I feel right now. I do not understand why there are people on this planet that believe damaging and harming children is acceptable behavior.

Because these issues are heavily on my mind, I have developed writer’s block today…grr!

I ask you to please pray for the victims in these situations, and the families who have lost their children. My heart breaks to know how many lives are gone or ruined.

I sat down and did get some writing done, but it was difficult, as my mind kept wandering and thinking about those little kids, shot. Those teenagers, molested. I do not understand what is going on in the community. It seems as if stories of child sexual abuse and school shootings are increasing in the news, or else real-time reporting has become so easy, thanks to technology, that it is easier to spread the word. Either way, it makes me sick.