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In the time I have been writing, I have never come across as many negative comments on my blogs and hubs as I have recently. I have my suspicions of who it is, but they are entitled to their opinion. Seems funny that many of the comments come from the same IP address.

So, I chose not to print the comments, ignore them, and keep on writing. People have a wide variety of opinions, and not everyone agrees with everything I say and do. Life goes on. It’s like bad business reviews, every business probably has them. I’m sure Stephen King had to endure some negative feedback on some of his stories; although, I won’t be the next Stephen King.

My writings are intended to help and educate others, no more, no less. OK, some of them are a bit laughable, as well.

If I had my way, I would have the words ‘KISS THIS’ tattooed across my rump, one word on each cheek. After I leave this life, at least the people at the morgue will get a kick out of it!!

I have too much going on to take part in an online argument with an ignorant person. It’s a battle that never ends.

People’s minds cannot be challenged by someone who is afraid to stand firm in their beliefs. People cannot be held credible if they waiver in their words and commit actions opposite of their words.

With that being said, an order from Pizza Hut is here, and I’m hungry (thank you, friend).