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So, I bought an old house several months ago. Due to unexpected medical problems that have resulted in surgery, renovations on my house have been moving slowly, as has my income.

One thing that has been driving me crazy are the vermin in the house, lots and lots of mice. And not just any mice, but near-domesticated mice, the kind that run out right in front of you…ewww!

It’s bad enough that I have 5 dogs (3 are rescue dogs who are in need of good homes), but now I have mice, too? Now what do I do? I’m no rocket scientist, but I can only imagine they breed like bunnies…

I researched ‘vermin control’ and my options were pretty limited. This is what I found:

  • Snap traps and peanut butter – snap traps are designed to break the mouse’s neck but can be a bloody mess.
  • Glue traps – the mouse gets stuck to the glue trap and cannot break free, and you can catch multiple mice on one trap, as well as other creatures. Mice take awhile to die; some people consider this to be inhumane.
  • Mouse poison – placed at the mice’s escape routes, this will kill mice quickly, as well as other mice that come in contact with the poisoned mice, but the thought of dead mice (who knows how many) in my walls did not seem appealing.
  • Electronic traps – these traps put out a high pitched noise that mice hate, keeping them out of the house. Some electronic traps, such as the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap, can shock the mice through electrocution and kill them.

Snap traps? Um, there’s one problem with that option, I have no man in my house to peel the corpse off the trap and get rid of the remains. Can we have another ‘ewww’?

Mouse poison? Um, there’s a problem with that option, as well. I really don’t want my house smelling like the city morgue.

Electronic traps? Great idea! Oh, wait…I need at least $30 for that option.

Glue traps? This option I can deal with. So what if it’s inhumane? The point is to kill and get rid of the mice, no matter what method I have to use.

I made a quick trip to Kmart, and thank God, they have glue traps for mice and rats. I bought two boxes of the traps for mice and race home to get to work. (Next time, I’m getting the rat glue traps, they are bigger and have a better chance of getting all 4 paws stuck to the trap.)

I busted open one box of glue traps, which contained four traps. I put two in the bathroom and two in the kitchen. As luck would have it, I caught seven mice within the first two hours. Yes, three traps caught two mice on each one, and one mouse was so kind as to chew the hell out of the other one and killing it quickly. Yes, I also put peanut butter in the center of each one to attract the mice, but too much is a problem because it makes the glue a bit slippery. Yes, I have to pick up the trap with the mice on it and dispose of it, which is a bit freaky if the mice are still alive, because they are squirming all over the place, but at least there’s no bloody mess to clean up, as with the snap traps.

Here’s proof the glue traps work…

glue mouse trap

Peanut butter placed on trap to lure mice

glue mouse trap

mouse drawn to peanut butter on trap



Needless to say, I got rid of several mice with the glue traps, but in the process I decided they were extremely inhumane (especially when two of them got caught on one trap), and at the same time, I received some pretty offensive messages from a few people telling me what a ‘cruel heartless bitch I am’. I have chosen to not to allow the messages, but believe this when I say, I will find another method of dealing with this process. As I was testing the glue trap procedure, I felt like a heartless person when I did discover that they will try to gnaw their own paw off to get off the trap.

A good friend recommended mouse poison, which will kill them quickly, but that seems just as inhumane.

I bought a 2-back of Black and Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repellers. This will keep them from coming in the rooms as much, but I’m not sure it’s going to help the problem. I still saw one run across the bathroom floor, even with one plugged in at that location. I like the idea of the mouse trap I found on Victor, the TIN CAT Mouse Trap, that traps the mouse in and electrocutes it, killing it instantly.

Maybe I should ask Santa for one…lol. But, no more glue traps, for sure. I’ve never owned a home and had this much trouble. I normally would get a cat, but I have 3 rescue dogs right now, on top of the 2 that were already mine, and they are difficult enough to feed. Grr…