I started this blog and then literally walked away from it for two months. I feel like life needs more than 24-hour days. Between The Teenager, Keegan, and the dogs, I stay very busy at home. That doesn’t include looking for part-time work outside of my home (writing is great, but it doesn’t pay all the bills) while I’m starting my at-home web design business. And, I definitely can’t forget the trials coming up I have to testify in.

Since starting at the Examiner, I have been a writing fool. I see the money-making potential there, so I kicked my writing into a higher gear and wrote twelve articles. Because the money is better, I will not worry too much about HubPages. I will still write a couple articles a month, but that will be it. I need to find a way to free up some more time to finish learning CSS for building websites, too.

My to-do list is incredibly long, and some things are sitting on the ‘back burner,’ waiting for completion. But, after being off work for over a year, the surgery I just had, and the neurosurgeons I have to continue seeing, my main focus is to try and make money to pay my bills. Having a ruptured disc in my back limits me from working certain jobs.

On the flip side, I am able to spend more time with The Teenager and Keegan. I need to reorganize my schedule to increase productivity and be able to update my articles and blogs more often.

Hopefully, after first of the year, I will be able to blog more.