Welcome to my blog, JenJen’s Writings and Rants, a mix of many different things. I’m sure I’ll use this blog to market some of my stories in order to increase traffic. I am very opinionated, so I sometimes do crazy stuff online that causes lawyers threaten to sue me. In this site, there will be links for my various blogs, and other useful stuff to help other writers.

Writing is a huge part of my life, and now, I am also working on web design and am in the process of starting my business. I look forward to financial freedom, the flexibility of working my own hours from home, and the future learning experiences I will be facing.

If you are a new writer, don’t quit your day job to write. There has to be a passion to write to keep some writers going. I love to write, and yes, I make some money. But, it’s not going to pay your bills right away.

I also hope that my future plans will help to inspire my children to be all that they can be. My children are part of the next generation, and I want them to be prepared for what life will throw at them.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

~ Norman Vincent Peale ~